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Bauhaus Movement 1919-1933

Bauhaus style later became one of the most influential currents in modern design, architecture and education. The defeat of Germany in World war 1 and under new liberal Weimar republic allowed upsurge of radical experimentation in all arts, Bauhaus moved away from ornamentation of Art Nouveau and expressed ideas of radical simplified forms, rationality and functionality.

Exemplifies the ideas of Bauhaus
Bauhaus Architecture Exemplifies the ideas of Bauhaus

marcel breuer chair

Tubular steel radicalised modernist design, it allowed designers to realise the ideal that art, furniture and architecture should be functional and simple. “A chair is half structure half product, where architecture and design meet”. It was believed that if you stripped away design to its core you show its integrity and quality.

die wohnung

In 1927 15 modernist Architects got to design a house that they thought portrayed modernist living and how people should use, and live in a home. They all expressed the idea that the home was a machine to live in,  that a home should be basic and flexible for life.

Heath Robinson  One piece - How to live in a flat 1936
Heath Robinson
One piece – How to live in a flat 1936

However Modernism did face criticism  when in 1936 Heath Robinson released a series of cartoons mocking simplistic, basic modernism and contrasted the radical movement with traditonal ideas that still existed. Although at the time modernism and bauhaus were very extreme and radical ideas, it changed the way designers think and allowed significant impact, unifying design and manafacture also introducing a new way of town planning and urban organising ready for post war modernism.

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