Filming GreenPeace…How to Change the World

For Green week, I went to see director Jerry Rothwell discuss his new documentary film ‘How to change the World’. ┬áThe short film being based on Green Peace and the groups first ever acts in 1970’s that defined it as one of the most influential modern environmental movements. The film included lots of primary Green Peace archives from the early days showing their anti whaling and anti sea cull campaigns. Although the footage was harrowing to watch, it was so inspiring to watch a group of no more than 10 campaigners sailing out into the ocean to stop the vast whale hunting ships. I was already interested in Whales and the campaigns for them since watching various documentaries about whales in captivity. However the clips i watched from ‘how to change the World’ were so sad yet inspiring that it makes me think that if a small group of passionate people can succeed against a massive ship of whale hunters, and consequently go on to create one of the greatest environmental movements what could I do to contribute today, and help continue the legacy they started.

soviet whale action in north pacific. Greenpeace boat next to cought whale and whaling ships

The film also highlighted the power of media, and how these clips bought the shocking truth of whale hunting to so many homes, as before it wasn’t known about or heard of. The ability we have today to simply share, or post something on social networking site allowing us to get messages out there shows how easily we could raise issues today.

The film offered the most real and shocking footage iv ever seen in a documentary, but i would definitely recommend people watch it, because although since green peace campaigns and regulations for whales and all animals have vastly improved, people presume this kind of violence doesn’t happen anymore, and its highlights how everyone should get contribute to green peace and environmental movements because its so much easier for us to help today.



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